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Attention Owners of Foreign Bank Accounts! (Yes, Even Canadian Accounts!)

Are you a weekend warrior, ex-pat, or frequent traveler? Do you have a foreign bank account? Then you’re required to file an FBAR, or a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts. FBARs are required for any U.S. resident, citizen, or entity that has a bank account open in a foreign country – including Canada … Continued

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Last-Minute Savings for 2016 Tax Year!

Attention last minute savers! There’s still time to reduce your tax burden for 2016. Have you funded a traditional IRA, Roth IRA, or SEP this year? The deadline for contributions to IRAs is April 18, 2017 — this year’s filing deadline. For self-employed taxpayers, contributions to a SEP may be postponed until October 16, 2017 … Continued

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Important NEW Info on Form 1099s for 2016 Tax Year!

It’s 1099 Time! It’s that time of year again! As an Allen Street Consulting client, you have the benefit of having 1099 preparation experts at your fingertips! If you need to prepare and file 1099s, it’s easy for you, as long as you follow a few guidelines! If you’re a client currently receiving bookkeeping services from … Continued

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Common forms for your business and when to use them

W-9 — Allen Street Consulting — Signed

Here’s our W-9 if you need it. We are a partnership, so if you pay us over $600 in any calendar year, you should send us a 1099.

1099 — Information Sheet

If you need help filing your 1099s, fill in this spreadsheet and send it to us so we can do them. We charge a flat fee of $30 plus $1.00 for each 1099 issued (maximum $100).

Tax Preparation Information

We have a checklist available to ensure that we don’t miss any deductions or credits while preparing your individual taxes.

Allen Street Recurring Payment Authorization Form

This authorizes us to directly debit your checking account each month.

LLC Form Questionnaire

Looking for the IT-204LL Form? We got it.